Photo of Graham

Graham was born in Seattle, Washington, but spent his formative years growing up in a beachside town outside of Melbourne, Australia. Many a childhood day was spent organizing multi-colored carpet remnants into miniature floor plans and arranging makeshift furniture using building blocks. Some kind of large-scale wall mural or crazy hook-&-loop rug was always underway as well.

After completing a 4 year degree in graphic design from Monash University in Melbourne, and a 20 year career in the corporate design arena, Graham never lost his love for beautiful environments. His passion for photographic styling, renovating, decorating, spacial arrangement, designing fabric, cushions and wallpaper, painting canvases, and reinventing old furniture in weird and wonderful ways has grown from a pastime to a second career.

Now settled in a 5 story brownstone in the Hamilton Heights district of Manhattan, Graham has become known for his unique take on interior style, and is sought after for his eclectic eye and sense of unexpected elegance.